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You can order almost anything through Postmates. However, there are some limitations to what Postmates will deliver. Live animals are also on the NO list. The delivery time varies from city and city and depends on what you order. However, Postmates drivers make their living by making deliveries — so they always try to deliver as quickly as possible. Faster deliveries allow drivers to earn more per hour and satisfy their customers better, which results in better tips.

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There are other factors involved that can make your order take a bit longer. Other things that affect delivery include traffic and weather. The distance between your house and the store or restaurant also plays a part. As with all delivery services, the cost of a Postmates delivery differs from city to city. It varies on a case-by-case basis, but there are a few things that go into your total cost.

The second thing that factors in is the cost of the delivery fee.

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Keep in mind that delivery fees go up during surge hours. When lots of orders come in at the same time and drivers are busy, surge hours with higher prices go into effect. Use a promo code like the one below and get your deliveries for free. The service fee is calculated as a certain percentage of the purchase cost of your order. Postmates will let you know what the service fee will be before you place your order.

That way, if you think the service fee is too high, you have the option to cancel your order.

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Tips also factor into the cost. Like other on-demand services, Postmates is always looking to attract new customers. So even if you order from a non-partner merchant, you should be able to save at least the amount of the delivery fee and maybe even a bit more. There are other ways for you to save on future orders. By inviting friends to use the service, both you and your friend can enjoy some savings.

Make sure those friends use your referral link to identify you as the person that referred them to the service. It can be hard to keep with the hundreds of promotional emails you receive every day. But if you want to save some money, check the emails you receive from Postmates. Postmates is eager to build their social following. Postmates regularly shares unique deals across their various social media accounts to gain additional followers. Just be quick to use the promotions as they appear. Most only last for a week or so. With Postmates Unlimited, all of your orders will be accepted immediately.

That will cut down on your overall delivery time and wait time. Plus, subscription orders are not subject to surge prices. Want to join the Postmates fleet? Lives are becoming busy with each passing day with the advancement in technologies.

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People find it convenient to stay at home after spending an entire day on the job, handling business and completing home chores. Another great facility that recently introduced in many states of US is the concept of PostMates. This service is top-rated these days, and a huge number of people are using it. Most of you did not know what we are talking about and who PostMates are.

To answer your all questions we describe each thing in detail in this article, so let us begin the reading. To find your code, tap the gear in the top left of the app.

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You can share your code as many times as you like. If you are looking for some part-time earning, then PostMates will be the best option for you. The important thing about this service is that you do have to talk or argue with passengers because you do not have to pick any person.

If you are a student, you can work in your flexible hours as well. PostMates did not restrict people to own a car for making deliveries. One can work as PostMates using his motorbike or scooter as well. The procedure is straightforward.

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As a PostMates driver, you have to register yourself with the company. The customer who has the same app will choose the desired thing to be delivered at his doorstep. He will choose the pickup and drop-off location. When he enters the info, you PostMates driver will be notified about from where to pick up and destination.

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When you accept the delivery, the particular thing details will be sent to the company from where you have to pick up things. They will ready and pack your items before you reached there. After arriving there, you PostMates driver will pay the amount through prepaid debit card and start his journey to the destination.

After reaching, you will ask for a fee according to distance and difficulty of the task from the buyers. If your attitude and the customer is good, there is a chance that you will get a tip also. Who is interested in starting working as PostMates will fill an online form that asks to fill the following details.

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